One down, two to go in Palmyra on U.S. 61

The Missouri Department of Transportation says work on the three intersections along U.S. Highway 61 in Palmyra Missouri is coming along right on schedule.

Bross Construction is the main contractor on the job and it has finished the Main Cross intersection and they are now focusing their work on the Ross Street crossing.

The Thompson Avenue crossover will be the third and last piece to the project to be completed in either late September or October.

And those drivers who frequent U.S. 61 through Palmyra have been able to see what the new improvements are going to look like as construction crews install and reconfigure acceleration and deceleration lanes at the three intersections along 61 within the city limits.

"Probably the most complex was here at Main Cross, we had some steep fills on the west side of the road where we had to put fill in with rock material and widen out the road to get the deceleration and acceleration lanes on the west side there," Marty Lincoln, a resident engineer with the Missouri Department of Transportation said.

After plenty of debate and hearing from the public to try and improve safety at the intersections, MoDOT came up with the plan to have limited access from northbound and southbound traffic at Main Cross, Ross Street and Thompson Avenue. Work started just over two weeks ago at Main Cross and since that is finished, the contractor moved to the next intersection south which is Ross Street.

"We're just trying to make better access for the motorists to get in and out of the 61 traffic, basically we built acceleration and deceleration lanes so they can get up to speed or slow down before they make their exit or entering the traffic," Lincoln said.

After work is completed at Ross Street, the contractor will move to the last of the three intersections which is Thompson Avenue located near the Wilco and Wendy's.

That intersection construction won't be as complex as the other two. And the idea once the entire project is finished is to get the 34 hundred cars that drive through the area on a daily basis safely to their destination.

Bross Construction has until November 1, 2012 to finish the construction project.