One Class At A Time recipient spreads love of music to students

Nan Wood receives One Class At A Time award

Another teacher in the Tri-States has been awarded the funds to make her classroom a little brighter.

KHQA and our sponsors, Continental Cement, Green America Recycling and Titan International, gave one thousand dollars to this month's One Class At A Time recipient Tuesday.

Music is an important part of Nan Wood's life.

She incorporates it into the lives of others by teaching it at St. Dominic School.

When she found out she had won the One Class At A Time award, she said felt shocked.

"I'm totally stunned," Wood said. "I certainly was not expecting this. When I wrote the grant and filled out the application, I thought our kids have so much fun with the different percussion instruments, but of course it takes money to purchase those instruments."

Wood plans to buy more instruments to introduce her students to them.

Students like 7th grader Hadley Klingele were thrilled to see Wood win the award.

"I think she's really deserving of this award because she's really compassionate about what she does," Klingele said. "She just loves working with us in our school and she loves teaching us new things. She's a really great teacher, she is just the best music teacher you could possibly ask for."

Sixth graders McKenna Little and Mandy Thompson echoed those sentiments.

"She's a really good choice because she's very good at teaching the kids how to do stuff and she's really patient with them," Little said. "She can teach us all kinds of new things with it."

"She's great," Thompson said. "She teaches us how to play every instrument and it's really nice."

Wood hopes the new opportunities within her music class will leave a lasting impact on her students.

"I suppose as a music teacher that's the most rewarding," Wood said. "Seeing those children who come in the class and they enjoy music, they pick up an instrument and they start playing, and they can play for the rest of their lives. I'm thrilled for my kids and all the opportunities that it's going to present for them."

If you're interested in applying for One Class At A Time, click here.