One Class At A Time money to bring tech to Bushnell-Prairie City High School

Say hello to Wade Bowman, this month's One Class At A Time recipient.

A Bushnell-Prairie City High School teacher is bringing technology into his health and P.E. classes.

Say hello to Wade Bowman, this month's One Class At A Time recipient.

Bowman said he plans to bring 21st century technology to the students in his classes.

Bowman has been in the education field for 19 years and this is one of the first times he has been recognized.

"I was, I was just surprised. I had no idea it was coming," Bowman said.

Bowman said when he teaches the students in his health class about self exams, they have to use balloons. But now the school will be able to buy life like dummies for the class.

"Well I think it gives them a real idea of what to look for and how to do the self tests that we talk about, so that, it will give them a more real life feel for things," Bowman said.

For principal Jon Lamb, he thinks Bowman brings a lot to the table when it comes to connecting with students during class.

"He's very well liked. The kids respond well to him and he hasn't let P.E. sour. He's keeping it new and innovative out there and we really approve," Lamb said.

Besides the tools for health class, Bowman also plans to have heart rate monitors purchased for the students in his gym classes as well.

One Class At A Time is brought to area schools by Continental Cement, Green America Recycling and Titan International, Inc.

If you are a teacher or administrator and are interested in taking part in the One Class At A Time project, you can apply online here.