''One Boy U.S.O'' comes to the Tri-States

He's called the "One Boy U.S.O." and the work he's doing to support troops and veterans is hitting our area.

Cody Jackson is a 10-year-old from Georgia.

He has been supporting troops since the age of 4, when he learned about the September 11th attacks.

Cody has written two children's books to educate other children about patriotism.

He also has sent over *four-thousand pounds* of care packages to troops around the world and shook the hands of close to 15-thousand soldiers.

Cody held a book signing in Quincy on Saturday and will attend all of the Fishing for Freedom events on June 1 and 2.\

"Most of them have no legs and no arms and I just want to make them feel better," Cody Jackson said. "Most of the soldiers, they're out there, they have no showers, no soap, or toothbrush, toothpaste. So I wanted to just make them feel closer to home," he said.

All of the money raised from book and merchandise sales is donated to troops.