Old time traditions bring present time twist to festival

The festival had several different entertainment avenues.

Sunday's Folk Life Festival in Hannibal was all about keeping old traditions alive and bringing them into the present.

Hundreds of people flocked to the downtown area to take in all the vendors.

Taking trades and crafts from the times before us, and bringing them to the present: this was what the Autumn Folklife Festival was all about.

This yearly tradition in Hannibal takes a festival and turns it into one the most popular fall events in the Tri-States.

Judy Bottchen has been coming to the festival for eight years now and enjoys the crowds that visit her booth.

"Now a days, things are just so different, and you need to bring back the old times, those were the good days, definitely. We have moisturizing soy candles. These are candles that are 100 percent pure soy, you can use them on your skin as a moisturizer. We just like coming back, the people are very nice here. We really enjoy it," Botchen said.

For Diann Wensing, this was the first year of her entry in the festival, and so far, she's enjoyed meeting the visitors.

"I think it brings in a dynamic group of diversity with old world charm that is sometimes lost. The main thing that I sell is hand-felted marino wool tinsel or marino blends of felted scarves," Wensing said.

Down the road, passers by stopped at Tim Murphy's table, which stood for it's uniqueness, and the first place ribbon hanging from the table.

"What I am is a primitive flint knapper. I make stone tools. Something that every culture, whether you be from Ireland, Scotland, Africa, Iraq, it doesn't matter, every culture chips flint. They surprised me, the arts council came up and said I won first place, of all the vendors at the folk life festival. It feels pretty good. This show here is one of the best shows I do actually in this country, so the art councils really got it going on here," Murphy said.

This was the 37th Annual Autumn Folklife Festival and it was put on by the Hannibal Arts Council.