Obama visits NEMO ethanol plant

President Barack Obama visited the Poet Biorefining Plant in Macon, one of the largest ethanol plants in the Midwest.

Obama said he was impressed with the strides here at the plant...with its production increasing from 15 million gallons of ethanol a year when it opened in 2000 to 46 million gallons just three years later.

As he greeted the plant's employees and local guests gathered at the plant, he commented on the importance of the plant's 45 workers in making the nation less dependent on foreign oil.

"I've said before I don't accept second place for the United States of America. I want us to be first in wind power, first in solar power, and I want to us be first when it comes to biodiesel and the technologies that are being developed in places like POET. And that's why my energy security plan has been one of the top priorities of my administration since the day I took office."

Obama also addressed the tough times felt all over the nation, especially in rural areas and on Main Street. But he says community investments like what happened at Poet Biorefining when 300 farmer owners came together are needed to help families facing tight times, and will eventually help keep the American Dream alive.