NWS calls May 24th Missouri Summer Weather Safety Day

Excessive Summer Heat

May 24th has been declared Missouri Summer Weather Safety Day 2013 according to the

National Weather Service in St. Louis


Although the NWS says this event was usually held later in the year and lasted for a week, the event is being handled differently this year.

Meteorologist Jim Kramper with the NWS in St. Louis stated in an a recent e-mail, "National Weather Service Headquarters has decided to have a National Excessive Heat Awareness Day, and it is May 24th, 2013. Since Memorial Day weekend is considered the traditional start of the summer season, it seemed to make sense to just go along and match the national day."

The goal of the event is to draw attention to the weather hazards especially the intense heat episodes that occur in the scorching hot summer months in the region.

"It's a preparedness thing ... get people thinking about safety. Heat kills United States (citizens) more on average per year than any other kind of hazardous weather," according to NWS Meteorologist Jon Carney from the St. Louis office.

Carney adds, "Now is the time to get your a.c. checked out and to have bottled water and fruit drinks and sports drinks on hand and to start thinking about this type of weather."

The NWS wants to use this day to "spread the word about excessive heat and lightning safety," said Meteorologist Kramper.

The NWS has a link for area residents to visit to learn more about preparing for this summer's weather and you can check it out by clicking



The link is loaded with good information and facts about the types of weather calamities that often occur in the Midwest in the summer-time months.

The site also offers plenty of solid advice on how to keep you and your family safe throughout the summer months.

Of note, Meteorologist Carney commented that, "The Climate Prediction Center says there is a 30 percent chance of a warmer than normal summer upcoming this year so it's a good idea to plan ahead now."