Numbers sink for Quincy public swimming pools

Indian Mounds swimming pool in Quincy

The Quincy Park District is trying to keep its swimming pool budgets afloat.

The numbers are in for how many people used the Quincy Park District's swimming pools this summer, and those numbers sank this past summer.

The 2013 swimming season got off to a slow start thanks to weather conditions that were not conducive to summer time fun in the water.

"Just under 19,000 total for both pools," Park District Executive Director Ed Seger said. "That's about half it would've been three or four years ago. The last two years, we've had a loss in the neighborhood of $50,000 between both pools, and that's significantly higher than what we've had before."

Seger said the park district plans to see what it can do to get more people to the swimming pool next year with special deals or other attractions.

"Right now, there seems to be a decline in pool use that's kind of organic because people's propensity to go to pools and also we've had the addition of a pretty significant pool and recreation facility," Seger said.

"I don't think we're entirely surprised," Park District President John Frankenhoff said. "For various reasons, kids and families just aren't going to the public pools anymore."

Frankenhoff said the board will see what happens next summer but will likely put a measure on the ballot next year for voters to decide what to do about the future of Wavering Aquatics Center.

A Quincy Park District committee still is examining the future of Westview Golf Course.

Its next meeting is September 25th at 6 p.m. at the park district office.