Number of passengers increasing at Quincy Regional Airport

More than 3,800 people have flown in and out of Quincy Regional Airport on Cape Air so far this year.

Caroline Strickland and her husband came to Quincy via Cape Air late last week to visit family and it's the first time they used the air service between Quincy Regional and Lambert International. Strickland says they like what they experienced and when they come back to visit they'll do it all over again.

"Well it was convenient, it was easy for us to make reservations. And we were going to rent a car but we found it was just as cheap to fly Cape Air form St. Louis here and back," Strickland said.

Meanwhile over at the Travel House in Quincy, travel consultant and owner Mecki Kosin says the reliability of Cape Air has restored the faith in many people who use to fly in and out of Quincy, but backed off when the old airline had issues about providing daily service that they were required to do.

"If I'm selling somebody a ticket and I'm giving someone a piece of paper that says you have a seat on that plane and consistently that plane doesn't fly, it hangs on me. So we have turned our back on that. But with Cape Air being here and it has proven themselves. We support them. We book our clients on Cape Air. Whether they're going on, on Southwest airlines or anybody else," Kosin said.

Comparing the numbers for first five months of 2010, 2011 and 2012 it shows a constant increase in the number of passengers using the option to fly in and out of Quincy Regional. In 2010, 2,693 people used the airport. While in 2011, there were 3,447 passengers and for the first five months of 2012, 3,839 passengers flew in and out of the airport.

And for city officials, they hope that number continues to increase so they can try and hit the 10,000 passenger mark for the year.