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      NuFit's new facility brings group fitness to Hannibal

      New NuFit client, Amber Blanchette says group fitness classes helped her lose almost 100 pounds.

      One local fitness company is adding a new facility to its fit family.

      NuFit for You is now offering group workout classes at Riverside Spa in Hannibal.

      "We have PiYo which is a new pilates, yoga flow type class," Lead Fitness instructor at NuFit for You Hannibal, Carrie Danner said. "Turbo Kick, Pilates, we have it all here."

      The new NuFit facility seems to have workout for everyone and if you're looking to get back in shape this new year, instructors say their group fitness classes are the way to go.

      "You don't have to think about it," Danner said. "Somebody else has planned it for you. You come in and you can get a different workout everyday."

      "It takes an exercise routine from something that feels like an obligation to more of a social gathering," Zumba instructor, Katra Thompson said.

      "You have support, you have people that are expecting you to be here, that are holding you accountable," Fitness Instructor, Talya Mayfield said.

      "If you're intimidated by all the machinery in a gym, it's just more fun to do it this way and you don't have all that intimidation," NuFit instructor, Trista Long said.

      New NuFit client, Amber Blanchette says group fitness classes helped her lose almost 100 pounds.

      "It just gives me a different kind of energy level and excitement because sometimes you're working out on your own and you start to give up and then you come to group fitness and it kind of jazzes you up again," Blanchette said.

      Plus you burn a lot of calories during the one hour classes.

      "The intensity level is pushed up really high and we usually end up with everybody sweating at the end," Thompson said.

      The new Hannibal facility is one of seven other NuFit locations.

      For a list of Hannibal's group fitness class times, click here.

      For a description of the classes, click here.