Not so fast, school zones still apply

School might be out, but not so fast.

We've heard from many of you worried about drivers speeding through school zones ... during the school year and in summer months.

KHQA wanted to set the record straight about the rules for school zones during the summer.

Although most of our Tri-State area schools are out for the summer, there are still some places where a school speed zone is still in effect.

In fact there are places in Quincy where the 20 mile an hour speed limit is still the law.

Neal Meyer is an officer with the Quincy Police Department and he said,"T hey do need to slow down. Pay attention that a summer school day is considered a school day. The school zone is in effect and is enforceable when children are present."

The Quincy Police Department says its going to be enforcing the reduced speed limits in the school zones.

Summer school is being held at Baldwin and Quincy Junior High. There are also summer lunch programs at Berrian and at Washington.

Police want people to pay close attention because the hours of the lower speed limit are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

" We just want motorists to be aware of the students present. Pay attention to the road, not looking around trying to find the students. We want the drivers attention on the road and another reminder is cell phones. Those are not to be used. It is illegal to use cell phones in the vehicle at times when students are present," said Meyer.

I f you are caught speeding through a school zone in Quincy, you're looking at a fine of $353.

And remember, m ost of the school speed zones in Quincy will run through June and to the end of July.

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