Northeast Missouri man sues county

A Knox County man has filed a lawsuit against Knox County officials in connection with his effort to build a concentrated animal feeding operation, or CAFO, in the county.

In his suit Shelton Zeiset lists all three County Commissioners along with along with the Knox County Clerk as defendants.

Zeiset of Knox City says the Knox County health ordinance is stopping him from constructing a hog finishing operation for 2400 hogs, on his property. He says he has complied with all requirements of the state of Missouri to establish a CAFO on his property, however he has been unable to get approval from the Knox County Commissioners due to the county health ordinance.

Zeiset is asking, in his suit, that he be allowed to establish his CAFO and be reimbursed for the costs he has had in trying to get approval for the operation.

To view court documents click here.