No reason to go to jail on New Year's Eve

2014 is almost here and many businesses in the Tri-States are preparing for one of their busiest days of the year.

Restaurants and bars are expecting a large turnout to watch the ball drop in times square at midnight.

Bar owners and law enforcement will be watching out for those who let the party get the best of them.

"We want everyone to get home safely. So drink responsibly, we don't want to over serve anyone, we want to make sure everyone is having a good time," Tenille Sonethongkham said.

For many bars in the Tri-States, New Year's Eve offers the opportunity to make more food and drink sales.

Owners and bar employees have been putting together the final preparations for the evening's customers, including looking out for their safety.

"We have plenty of staff on obviously, we have a guy working the front door to check IDs. If there's any problems they can come get them or I will assist in going and getting them," Gabe McClean with The Abbey said.

McClean says the biggest challenge about tonight is making sure customers don't over indulge.

"Obviously keep a close eye on them, if they start to show signs of being over-served or too intoxicated, we cut them off and we ask them to leave if we can. If they're driving we ask to call them a cab," McClean explained.

But large crowds and a combination of alcohol can sometimes lead to trouble.

The Quincy Police Department has put in extra night time shift patrols.

"We'll definitely go out and handle the situation, that comes down to being responsible when you're drinking," Sgt. Doug Vandermaiden with the Quincy Police Department said. "There's no reason to go to jail on a night like tonight, this is a night for celebration."

Vandermaiden says the biggest concern for officers will be intoxicated drivers.

"They're going to be looking for impaired drivers, the taverns will be opened longer tonight so they'll be doing some extra patrols at the taverns," Vandermaiden said.

Law enforcement officials and bar owners hope 2014 rings in a safe year for all.

If you think you may be too intoxicated to drive, remember to call a cab or a designated driver to take you home.