No phone zone

Using your cell phone in a school zone is against the law in Illinois, and now you have one more way to remember that.

CARS is an organization at Quincy Senior High that stands for Caring About Riding Safely.

Tuesday morning it unveiled a new sign that will be put up in a Quincy school zone.

Quincy Police contacted CARS to see if it could help raise money for decals to put on all the school zone signs in the city.

Through some fundraisers, the money was raised and now the city and the students of CARS are excited to get the decals in place.

"Cell phones are such a big part of our lives that sometimes it's hard to remember it has to be off while we're in school zones, so this is one more reminder and a way for people to remember to turn them off," CARS representative Catherine Don said.

Quincy's Department of Central Services hopes to have decals on all the signs by the end of next week.

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