No more televisions, computer monitors accepted at Quincy Recycle

After just a couple of months, Quincy Recycle says they're not going to be able to accept old televisions and computer monitors as part of their E-Waste recycling program.

The change will take effect on December 1, 2012.

Phil Hildebrand Jr. said there's legislation on the books that doesn't allow for the collection of a nominal fee to help cover the costs of handling the items that were dropped off.

"The fact is that the current legislation with the state of Illinois EPA, prevents recyclers from charging any kind of a minimal handling fee at all in order to take these materials, televisions and monitors which carry a very heavy and negative value to properly dispose of which is what we want to do the right way," Hildebrand said.

But he added that Quincy Recycle will still accept all other items that were on the list of materials when they started the program back in September.

Hildebrand said the Adams County Health Department is still going to hold an e-waste recycling drive next spring and that the old televisions and monitors will be accepted at that time.

There are other options that are available as well.

You can visit the Quincy Recycle website for a complete list of items that are accepted as part of their E-Waste recycling program.