No decision on Monroe City RR crossings

Map of Monroe City with crossings marked at Chestnut Street and Vine Street. / map courtesy Google Maps

UPDATED: April 25 at 2:20 p.m.

Monroe City traffic will be rerouted throughout different parts of the city once a change in railroad crossings takes place. When that will happen is still uncertain.

The city along with MoDOT and BNSF have agreed to close the Chestnut Street crossing.

They've also agreed to change the North Vine railroad crossing to a one way heading north.

A meeting between the three groups was scheduled for Tuesday night, but was canceled.


It is still unknown which two railroad crossings in Monroe City will be closed.

Earlier this week we told you BNSF and MoDOT want to close two of Monroe City's seven railroad crossings to increase safety.

Two crossings have been temporarily closed to gauge the impact.

A meeting was held Wednesday, December 8th to get public feedback.

No final decision was made, but the Vine street crossing could remain open.

Alderman Gerry Quinn says he can see how closing it would create problems.

There has also been a petition to keep that crossing open, about 560 people have signed it.

The Board of Aldermen met Thursday, December 9th to discuss temporarily closing two more crossings.