Nixon says pipeline will create jobs

Missouri governor Jay Nixon


A major construction project could be underway next year in the Tri State area

, bringing hundreds of jobs to Western Illinois and Northeast Missouri.

Enbridge Incorporated is proposing to build a 600 mile oil pipeline stretching from Central Illinois across Missouri all the way to Cushing Oklahoma.

And now
Missouri governor Jay Nixon has thrown his support behind the project.

The Flanagan South Pipeline Project would run from Flanagan Illinois, through west central Illinois, across 11 Missouri counties all the way to Cushing Oklahoma. The 30 inch pipeline would carry crude oil from Canada to Oklahoma and eventually to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast.

"This is a project that will help make us more energy independent by getting those, that crude oil from Alberta Canada all the way to our refineries along the Gulf Coast. Turn that into much more affordable gasoline for Americans and continue us moving to a much more energy independent country'" said Nixon.

Glenn Eagan is the Shelby County Missouri Presiding Commissioner and he said right now there's a smaller pipeline that runs through Shelby County that is maintained by Enbridge. The oil company said if the new pipeline is built, it will carry roughly 500 thousand barrels of oil a day to the Cushing Oklahoma terminal.

"We currently receive $117,000 to nine of our taxing entities in the county and a larger pipeline will move about twice the volume as the existing pipeline should generate at least another close to $200,000 in revenue for the local taxing entities and we're really excited about that," said Eagan.

The new pipeline would run parallel to the current one. It would be be placed about four feet underground. Construction could begin in 2013, with completion estimated to be in mid 2014.

You can go to Enbridge website to get more information on the project.

That website is

Search for the Flanagan South Pipeline Project for details and maps.


issouri governor Jay Nixon says he's in support of a oil pipeline that would start in Northern Illinois and run through the Show Me State all the way to Oklahoma and points further south.

Nixon is expected to announce this official support of the new pipeline later Tuesday morning at a news conference in Shelbyville, Mo.

Proponents of the pipeline say it will create jobs and increase the amount of crude oil that is delivered to refineries along the Gulf Coast.

We will hear more from Nixon and others Tuesday following the news conference.