Nightmare on Third Street

Don't expect just a few scary masks at this haunted house.

All Hallows Eve is only weeks away and what better way to get in the sprit then with a good scare.

The Hannibal Jaycees is holding its annual haunted house this month but don't expect just a few scary masks at this haunted house.

In fact, on a scale one to ten the Jaycees rate it off the charts.

"Ten, 11,'s very scary this year, it's going to be fantastic," Adrienne Abright of the Hannibal Jaycees, said.

It's taken a lot of work to get to this level of on the scare-o-meter.

"Since about, August 9th is when we started," Dennis Dooley, haunted house chairman said. "And I've been here about everyday since then."

"Hours and hours of wiring, lights and sound and testing and tweaking," Chris Miller, who along Chris Powell was in charge of the haunted house sound effects, said. "It's just been one venture after another to get this thing going in a proper manner.

The Jaycees have held a haunted house for the past five years, but this October it's in a new location at 320 South Third Street.

"We finally found a permanent location," Dooley said. "Before we always has to tear the walls down every year and this year we can just leave them up and make it bigger and better for next year."

"Thanks to the new location we have a lot of space for people to wait and it's roped off for lines," Jake Hull, a Hannibal Jaycee said. "nobody has to be out in the cold and rain like they were before."

But this fear factor does more than put a good scare in you.

"It's a huge fundraiser for our organization," Abright said. "We donate a portion of the proceeds back into the community each year. Last year we adopted some families and bought a lot of Christmas presents for underprivileged children."

There's nothing spooky about that.

The haunted house will be open through out October on Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30 to midnight.