Newcomb Hotel project moving forward

The Newcomb Hotel project in Quincy is moving right along, even though you may not see any physical changes.

The latest hurdle that was jumped deals with parking spaces.

City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer says the city knew going into this project, parking would be an issue.

The developer plans on turning the former Newcomb Hotel into an assisted living facility.

To accomodate, the city had to change the code for parking in the downtown from leasing 18 spots per property to 25.

The city has committed 15 parking spots here in the parking lot behind the Gardner Museum for the Newcomb project.

However, the developer can lease up to 25 spots if necessary.

Chuck Bevelheimer says, "They are paying for those spaces. The going rate for a spot is $25 a month. They are paying that going rate. Per stall. That's the rate for all parking stalls in downtown. We also did build in an escalating rate of $5. Every five years, it'll go up."

Bevelheimer adds the construction firm was in town last week, walking through the building and checking out the exterior.

If things continue to move forward, construction could begin this fall.