New Year's resolutions mean increase in gym memberships

People at both gyms took part in getting the New Year workout in

We're two days into 2014, and already people are acting on their New Year's Resolutions.

One popular resolution this year is to get fit and healthy.

Health clubs around the Tri-States geared up for one of their busiest times of the year.

Hundreds of people started off the New Year on the right foot and signed up for a gym membership in Quincy.

The Quincy Family YMCA saw almost 100 people sign up January 1.

Across town at the Kroc Center, 95 people have registered for a 2014 membership.

The YMCA and Kroc Center say these numbers are on track with the number of New Year sign-ups from 2013.

Lindsey Woefel is the Membership Director for the YMCA, and spoke on the increase in membership.

"It's definitely our busiest time of the year. Our other time that it increases is usually around September," said Woefel. "It happens every year that we get a lot of people during certain times, either when the weather gets cold or the new year comes around."

Angie Duerr is the Membership Services Manager for the Kroc Center, and thinks they have a lot to offer new members.

"We really have a nice sense of community here at the Kroc Center and they come in and they join some of those classes and they join in with some of the other members that they meet here," Duerr said. "And that's really what a lot of people are looking for this time of year."

While some members will stick around the whole year, both facilities say they do see some fall out throughout the year.

"Usually about two to three or four months down the road, about half of the people that join will turn around and say you know it's not working for me, I never come," said Woefel.

"You always will have that. You'll have the people who join and then a couple of months later, life is just too busy or their schedule has changed or something like that," said Duerr. "It just doesn't fit in with their lifestyle."

Both facilities say they didn't increase membership fees by much this year.

The YMCA raised its membership prices by one dollar, while the Kroc Center will be raising it by five percent.

Both facilities hope that the New Year will bring in a healthier life for all of their members.

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