New year means new programs at the Quincy Park District

Karate sessions at the Quincy Park District begin January 8th.

Getting the entire family fit in the new year is practically the Quincy Park District's motto. That's why they've incorporated family-focused classes into their new January session.

"We are very family oriented," Jessica Marie Cate, from the Quincy Park District said. "Everything we do is at least family friendly if not completely pushed towards family and we want the parents to get involved with the kids because it's a lifestyle to be healthy. We want people to get fit together, it's just easier if the whole family does it," Cate said.

One of the classes being offered is martial arts.

"The whole family can come and join," Tay Sonethongkham, the martial arts instructor said. "We'll split the family up and have the kids in one class and the adults in the other class and we'll have multiple teachers."

But if your child is more into team sports, there's a class for that, too.

"We have a tiny tots program," Shane Hibbard, Quincy Park District recreation supervisor said. "And that introduces kids to different kinds of sports, team based sports like soccer and basketball."

If your kid is a little bit older there's "...youth basketball which teaches younger kids the fundamentals of basketball like dribbling, shooting and different techniques," Hibbard said.

While their enjoying basketball you can take a load off during yoga.

"I keep the class very easy for beginners so that people can modify their situation," Mahala Grant-Grierson, the Quincy Park District's yoga instructor said. "Maybe they're not familiar to exercise so yoga is a great way to start getting familiar with exercise."

People of all levels and ages are welcomed to all the classes. All you have to do is sign up and you're one step closer to making 2013 the year you and your family get active.

To see a list of the Quincy Park District's programs, click here.