New wheelchairs go to Carthage Memorial Hospital

Auxiliary members donate two new wheelchairs to Memorial Hospital, pictured from left auxiliary members Betty Twaddle, Karen Clark, and Donna Walker. / Memorial Hospital and Hancock County Nursing Home Auxiliary

Memorial Hospital and Hancock County Nursing Home Auxiliary donated new wheelchairs to Memorial Hospital in Carthage.

The Auxiliary noticed the need for wheelchairs as members working at the Information Desk noticed that there were not enough wheelchairs for use throughout the day.

The auxiliary decided that they would purchase and donate two new wheelchairs.

They had several fundraisers through 2009 and 2010, Tour of Homes, Book Fairs and Bakeless bake sales.

The purpose of the auxiliary is to promote the welfare and interests of the hospital and nursing home. They provide both financial and physical assistance each year in the form of volunteerism and the purchase of equipment, furniture, etc. for the hospital and nursing home.

The auxiliary TMs major fund raising actions are: proceeds from the hospital gift shop, Bakeless Bake Sale, Book Fairs, and the Tour of Homes.

There is a need for more members, says Terri Twaddle, Volunteer Liaison. We have both men and women that participate and we offer several membership options, says Twaddle.

Membership options include Active Member cost is $2 annually, active members are those who regularly participate in active service programs of the auxiliary and serve a minimum of 25 hours per year.

Sustaining Member cost is $10 annually, sustaining members are those who support the auxiliary and perform duties as they desire.

Life Members, cost is $30, life members may or may not wish to perform any of the duties.

Auxiliary members are not required to attend meetings unless they are on the Auxiliary Board, but are welcome to attend and vote at any of the Auxiliary meetings.

For more information or to join the auxiliary call Terri Twaddle at 217-357-8561.