New volunteers step up to help winter challenged Meals on Wheels program

Extra volunteers step up to help Meal on Wheels program.

Kryschella Eversden-Duesterhaus braved the cold to help deliver meals for the

meals on wheels

program on Wednesday.

"I'm an educator here in the Quincy public school system and we had the day off and I always like to lend a helping hand," Eversden-Duesterhaus said. " And I know that many of the volunteers that deliver the Meals on the Wheels are elderly people that may not be able to get out due to the weather, so I thought I would lend a helping hand."

And that helping hand is greatly appreciated by Bill Stehl the activities director for the

Quincy Senior and Family resource center

who put out an urgent call for volunteers to deliver meals Wednesday morning.

"We typically have 21 routes within the city limits of Quincy that we deliver to, well over 200 meals that go out to seniors that are in need for our Quincy area," Stehl said.

Once the call went volunteers from around the community stepped up to make sure that all the routes were covered on Wednesday.

But Bill Stehl says that many people don't realize that delivering food is only one aspect of the important job that drivers do.

"A lot of them the only person that they may see that day is that volunteer that delivers the meal," Stehl said. "It's socialization. It's safety checks, making sure that they're ok."

Krychella thinks that more people need to help the program.

"I think the young generation should step up to the plate," Eversden-Duesterhaus said. "If you have a vehicle that can make it through the snow and you feel comfortable driving in it, I think it's an obligation that we have as a young generation."

And one that will be greatly appreciated.

"To those volunteers that are making those calls and coming in and helping out, just a big, big thank you. I mean we definitely couldn't do it without you," Stehl said.

Bill Stehl says volunteers will be needed for the next few days as the temperature drops and the winter weather sticks around.

If you would like to help out just contact the Meals Plus for Seniors Program at 217-223-5700.