New traffic cameras coming to 8th and Broadway in Quincy

The traffic cameras at 8th and Broadway in Quincy need to be replaced.

On Monday night the City Council approved the purchase of new cameras for the intersection.

The signals on Broadway are all coordinated and the cameras help detect traffic and change those signals.

The cameras also help on 8th street by making sure drivers don't have to wait 60-90 seconds for the lights to change.

Martin Wagner, interim city engineer, says getting those cameras replaced is a top priority.

"The state requires us to maintain the signals on Broadway," Martin Wagner said. "This is part of the signal system there. So we are required to replace it. We also bill them for the cost of their portion which would be the Broadway leg since that's Illinois 104."

The total cost for the project is around $27,000.

The state will pay half of that bill.

Wagner hopes to get the new cameras ordered and in operation by next month.