New technology transforms the lives of diabetics

MiniMed 670G

Meet Kolton. He loves video games and is quite the comedian at just eight years old.

Five months ago, Kolton was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

"He had no energy and when he was awake he didn't feel like doing anything. He was tired all the time and then it got to the point where he was sleeping 15 hours a day," said William Spangler, Kolton’s dad.

Five shots of insulin a day, regularly checking his blood sugar and carrying around a bag of medical supplies is Kolton's new normal.

Yet, there remains hope that one day he won't have to thanks to a new insulin pump—the MiniMed 670G.

Quincy Medical Group is one of the first in the nation to distribute this new pump to patients with Type 1 Diabetes.

"The difference is that it actually takes those glucose readings and adjusts them in a real-time continuous basis," said Dr. Sharon Harris, Endocrinologist at Quincy Medical Group.

Leah Hanlin has lived with Type 1 for 30 years. She started using the new pump last week.

"Suddenly we go from worrying about having lows unexpectedly at random times to almost having an extra body guard or safeguard,” said Hanlin.

The FDA-approved pump controls your blood sugar before it gets too low or too high.

"Technology has come so far and this newest pump has a brand new sensor with it that has been completely redesigned and it is way more accurate. Every time I do my blood sugar the sensor reading and the meter reading are...they say 10 percent difference...I see a couple points difference," Hanlin said.

While the new pump may not be for everyone, it is a huge step in the right direction. Right now Kolton injects himself with insulin, but the pump is something he'd be willing to try in the future.

"It's just way easier than taking your shot and pricking your finger and all that stuff," Kolton said.

This huge step in technology will give diabetics another reason to fit the disease around their life and not fit their life around the disease.

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