New technology is changing education in Clark County, Mo.

Technology continues to make huge inroads into our lives.

This is especially true when it comes to educating the kids in the Clark County, Missouri school district . What you are looking at are 24 iPads inside of a device called a Snyc Cart.Each one is hooked up to the cart and can be recharged or updated with new programs from a master computer below.

The district got an unexpected grant of more than 22 thousand dollars originally applied for by the former Revere school district. The Revere school district was dissolved after a vote by taxpayers and students there began attending school in the Clark County R-1 School District.

So with that newly allocated money, Clark County decided to buy more than 50 classroom iPads.

Running Fox Elementary School Title 1 reading teacher Kathy Wells says the iPads have given the teachers much more versatility in the classroom.

"We can actually split the set of 24 and actually have 4th and 5th grade both working at the same time on the iPads. Or we can take the classroom set in and an entire classroom could be doing the same thing with the iPads at the same time," she said.

Getting this system up and running was a team effort.

Besides the iPads themselves, each device has a cover that was paid for by the districts parents/teachers organization.The Snyc Cart and master computer were paid for by the district.