New skate park opens in Quincy

Area teenagers have a new a place to hang out.

Spanky's skate park opened Sunday two miles south of Quincy on highway 57. The parks owner, Angie Kindhart told KHQA many skate parks are quite a distance, and she wanted to open something close by. Not only is Spanky's a skating venue, there are arcade rooms, where kids can simply hang out.

You can even book a room for your next birthday. Dozens of kids showed up to show off their skills on the boards. Kids we spoke to say their happy the park's here, because they had no place to go.

"I used to skate out in front of my yard, because I didn't have anywhere to skate. I think it's pretty cool to come here," said skater Kendra Gilker.

Another skater,Thomas Mitts comments on why he likes the new park, "Because we won't get kicked off. It's legal to skate here, and we won't get arrested or fined for it."

The owner told us they're in the process of building an outdoor skate park as well. Construction is expected to start next week. It should be finished in time for spring.

If you want to book a birthday party, call (217) 228-0614