New Quincy warehouse opens to save shoppers cash

A new warehouse in Quincy could save shoppers some money this holiday season.

Your Outlet Warehouse opened on Kase Drive last month.

The owner buys salvage items from major distribution centers throughout the country then sells the items 50 percent off retail prices.

Owner Jackie Weisenburger says she is surprised and overwhelmed with the response she's received at both the warehouse and on social media.

"I want to help people save some money, and I also want to help people make money," she said. "So I do sell by the pallets for the flea market people or people who sell on eBay or Facebook or have garage sales. I can sell them a pallet at my cost so they can turn around and sell it, and make some extra money on the side."

Weisenburger said she never buys the same semi truck load twice, so expect to find different items on the shelves at different times.

"We're buying at such mass quantities that we can keep the prices low," she said. "Because of the response we've been receiving, it's definitely going to be year round."

The warehouse is open Thursdays to Sundays until Christmas when Weisenburger will re-evaluate her business hours.

You can learn more about the warehouse, its shipments and deals by liking its Facebook page.