New policy in Quincy schools looks to lessen snow days

Quincy Notre Dame, Quincy Public Schools and other districts in the area are implementing a 2-hour delay policy for severe weather this upcoming year.

Last year the Tri-States faced a winter that we won't soon forget.

Between the freezing cold days, and continuous snowfall, Quincy Notre Dame alone had almost a full week of snow days.

In hopes to prevent using so many snow days, some schools in Illinois are implementing a 2-hour delay policy for this upcoming upcoming year.

"By doing so, have more days in session, have that continuity of education, uh, but also make sure that we didn't have kids out at the bus stop in very dangerous weather," QND Principal Mark McDowell said.

QND has been working together with Quincy Public Schools to put the policy into place. For instance, QND is only allocated five emergency snow days each year, and after that, they work with the state to determine if the lost days need to be made up.

While some parents agree this is a good decision for their children, they wonder if it could cause problems for parents with full-time jobs.

"It could be regarding daycare, um, if they're used to having their children ride the bus as opposed to immediately going to daycare it would probably be a little bit of a schedule change for those working, I imagine," Sarah Wayne, a parent of a child in the Quincy Public Schools said.

Also take note ... Quincy Notre Dame is implementing early dismissals every Wednesday this coming year, a practice already in place at Quincy Public Schools. The 1:45 p.m. dismissal will allow for school bus maintenance.

"For us to service the transportation needs and also again to do much of again, what they're doing in trying to develop that professional development, we thought that also aligning with them and taking that half hour early dismissal was something that would benefit us as a staff, but again, also meet the transportation need of our students and families," McDowell said.

Story by KHQA Multimedia Journalist Lauren Kalil.