New parking spaces coming to Coach House Restaurant

New parking should be ready by the end of April.

For more than 40 years the

Coach House Restaurant

on the corner of Broadway and 24th has been community favorite.

But getting in and out of the parking lots has always been a challenge.

A challenge that is about to change forever.

Ursa resident Larry Lewis says that getting in and out of the parking lots at the

Coach House Restaurant

can be a challenge.

"That's a matter of timing. Very definitely timing. Because you might have wait close to five minutes before get a break to get out there and get on busy Broadway," Lewis said.

But restaurant co-owner Terry Aschemann says that that is all about to change.

The old Department of Human Services building next door is being torn down to make room for the additional parking spaces.

"We've always had just about 35 parking spots. The state keeps taking more and more of it from us. So we decided when we had a chance with the Durst family to expand onto this lot so that totally it would give us probably another 55, 60 parking spots totally," Aschemann said.

This first parking island behind the Human Services building will be removed and the spaces will stretch all the way to a second island.

Aschemann says that the new parking will also provide another benefit for his senior diners.

"It will give them another entrance and exit onto Spring street and away from the busy traffic of Broadway or 24th street," Aschemann said.

"There's no question about it that senior citizens, older than I even, will be far more comfortable coming to this place knowing that they can get out on the street much easier with that additional parking," he said.

Aschemann says that the parking lot should be complete and ready for use by the end of April.