New laws hit the books in Missouri Wednesday

It's a list of new laws for Missouri drivers, emergency workers, sexual offenders, and gun owners.

The following took effect Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013.

A note to drivers in an "active emergency zone": The law increases the penalty for a moving violation or traffic offense occurring within an active emergency zone, an area that is visibly marked by emergency responders on or around a highway where an active emergency or incident removal is temporarily occurring. First moving violation or traffic offense within an active emergency zone must be assessed a fine of $35 in addition to any other fine authorized by law. A second or subsequent offense within an active emergency zone must be assessed a fine of $75 in addition to any other fine. The bill makes it a Class C misdemeanor to pass another vehicle in an active emergency zone, and a person who pleads guilty to or is convicted of a speeding or passing violation must be assessed a fine of $250 for a first offense and $300 for any subsequent offense in addition to any other fine authorized by law. The bill creates the offense of endangerment of an emergency responder.

ATV's in municipalities: A municipality can adopt an ordinance or resolution that allows all-terrain vehicles or utility vehicles to operate on the streets and highways under its jurisdiction. The person operating an all-terrain or utility vehicle must maintain proof of financial responsibility or maintain any other insurance policy providing equivalent liability coverage for an all-terrain vehicle.

Electronic insurance: Your proof of insurance information for a motor vehicle can be produced in a paper or an electronic format. Acceptable electronic forms include the display of electronic images on a cellular phone or any other type of portable electronic device. Police officers, commercial vehicle enforcement officers, and commercial vehicle inspectors are immune from liability for any damage to a mobile electronic device when it is presented as proof of financial responsibility, except for damages willfully or maliciously caused by the officer or inspector.

Sexual offenses: The bill changes the laws regarding certain sexual offenses. In its main provisions, the bill

Firearms: Every sheriff must maintain, house, and issue concealed carry permits beginning January 1, 2014. New laws also include the establishment of the Active Shooter and Intruder Response Training for Schools Program (ASIRT). By July 1, 2014, each school district and charter school may train teachers and school employees on how to respond to students with information about a threatening situation and how to address a potentially dangerous or armed intruder or active shooter in the school or on school property. Also, each school district and charter school may annually teach the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program to first grade students, or use a substantially similar or successor program of the same qualifications. The laws also include a lengthened time period for concealed carry permits. They will be valid for five years from the date of issuance or renewal. You can read about these new laws in their entirety and other laws that took effect in Missouri by clicking