New law puts Missouri farmers on the roads 24/7

New law puts Missouri farmers on the roads 24/7

Joe Kendrick has tended the fields his entire life.

"We are coming up on harvest season so sometime here in the next couple of weeks things will get busy," says Kendrick.

Equipment has evolved over time but one thing stays the same...there isn't enough time.

He says Senate Bill 8 will only make Missouri farmers' job easier.

"We have a short period to take out a crop or put in a crop so time is of the essence," explains Kendrick.

As of right now, Missouri farmers can only operate on highways during daylight hours.

"They aren't used to seeing it at night. It's just something you need to be aware of and be prepared for," says Sgt. Eric Brown of the MO. HWY. Patrol ,Troop B.

This new law requires a few upgrades to keep farm equipment on the roads 24/7.

Farming vehicles must have a white light on the front.

A red light must be on the rear.

Both have to be seen from at least 500 feet away.

Keep in mind, they have to emit light to the side of the vehicle as well.

"Most of these are pretty simple additions to the equipment, most of the new equipment today even comes with the lights," said Kendrick.
"Farming is a 24 hour a day business. This is going to help them get their crops out more quickly, safely, and more efficient," explains Brown.

Farmers say that driving at night is a lot safer for them because as a driver we can see bright, flashing lights a lot sooner than we can see farm equipment during the day.

"This allows us a comfort level knowing that it's okay for us to be out there," says Kendrick.

Here's what's next - the bill will take effect Monday, August 28th.

For a full version of the bill click here.

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