New law increases school safety at QND

New Illinois law means increased safety at private schools like QND.

The possibility of being involved in a school shooting has sadly become a reality for kids today.

Thanks to a new Illinois law signed by Governor Pat Quinn , private schools in the state will get the same level of safety training as public schools.

The new law requires the schools such as Quincy Notre Dame to conduct yearly drills.

QND principal Mark McDowell says that this new law will enhance the relationship the school already has with law enforcement.

"It's something that should mean that our students are going to be that much safer," McDowell said. "That our staff is going to be that much more prepared. So those things that we have done in the past that have been beneficial, this will ratchet that up a bit and make sure there's that concerted effort. And that's its something that we are practicing more frequently."

Academic Dean of Curriculum and Instruction Diane Kasparie who taught in the classroom for more than 30 years says she has seen some unfortunate changes over that time.

"How sad to think that you have to lock your door every time you enter, exit a room," Kasparie said. "You have to search book bags and that you have to be very careful to walk into another school and go through a metal detector. I think it just says so much about the society that we live in today and what has become important."

This new law will make sure the safety training at private schools like QND is equal to the training at public schools through annual drills.

"This will ensure that we are working with law enforcement hand in hand on campus so that they know exactly where they would be going, what they would be doing, what our roles would be and that we have coordinated those ahead of time," McDowell said.

As both and educator and a parent Kasparie says that this new law will be a great comfort to QND parents.

"When parents drop their students off at QND, they're going to know, they're going to feel secure that their children are safe. They can go to work. They can not worry about it," Kasparie said.

Eighteen hundred private schools in Illinois will benefit from this new law.

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