New judge to hear case of former Schuyler County sheriff

Former Schuyler County Sheriff Josh Dole

A former northeast missouri county sheriff will have a new judge when he goes to court soon.

A new judge has been appointed in the case of former Schuyler County Sheriff Josh Dole.

The Missouri Supreme Court has appointed Judge Terry Tschannen, of the Ninth Circuit out of Linn County, to hear former Schuyler County Sheriff Josh Dole's case.

Judge Gary Dial recused himself last week.

Dole's first hearing in Schuyler County Circuit Court was scheduled for Thursday, but that has been postponed.

While he was sheriff, the 30-year-old Dole, of Glenwood, was charged last month with five felony counts.

He's accused of taking inmates to local bars with him and having them perform work at his home.

After the former sheriff was arrested, Schuyler County commissioners appointed Chief Deputy Luis Perez acting sheriff.

A special election is set for November 4, the same day as the general election.

The winner will serve the remainder of Dole's term.