New John Wood programs meet important student needs

Clothing and food programs help out John Wood Community College students.

College students have needs. There's nothing surprising about that.

Sometimes with the weight of classes and jobs, students have a hard time meeting all of their needs. That's where two new programs at John Wood Community College come in.

John Wood Student Life Coordinator Alyssa Hummel says that the school recently opened its own food pantry on campus to help students who may be struggling to make ends meet.

"We have seen a need from our students," Hummel said. "We have students that are using the food banks in town we wanted to find additional ways to support them as well."

Hummel says that one goal of the pantry is take at least one big burden off of student's shoulders.

Donations boxes for the "Food For Thought" program are located around the campus.

The food is available to any student who has a need, no questions asked.

Hummel says that there was also a need for students to have professional clothes for job interviews.

So the faculty and staff of the school donated more than 300 suits, dresses, belts, shoes and accessories to the "Suit Up For Success" program.

"There's been many times when we've had students come through who do not have professional dress clothes," Hummel said. "And we have to think if they don't have professional dress clothes for an assignment, how will they be prepared to look the part when they're trying to interview for a job after college."

Freshman Emery Gronewold says he appreciates that the school is looking out for student needs through these programs.

"It just gets overwhelming and your just confused on like, what do I have to do today, what do I have to do tomorrow?" Gronewold said. "It's good to help, like for the food program, to know, hey if I need something, they're here to help. If I need something from John Wood they're here to help me."

Alyssa Hummel says that the school is willing to do whatever it can to help students out.

"They know that whatever they ask,we're going to do our best to meet their needs," Hummel said. "We care about our students well being outside of the classroom. And that is just truly the culture at John Wood."

Community donations are welcome to both programs.

Feel free to drop by the welcome desk and someone will direct you where to go or you can contact Alyssa

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