New HQBD mural will promote the city's love of the arts

Quincy is an arts loving community.

From a world class symphony to original and innovative amateurs there is always lots to see, do and experience in the community.

But not everybody is aware of that.

So the Historic Quincy Business District has embarked on a plan to promote the arts as well as other aspects of Quincy's unique history through a series of murals around the community.

The first painting will be an abstract piece that will be painted on the side of the Anticipations building at 115 North 5th.

HQBD executive director Travis Brown says that one of the biggest challenges was just finding the right location for the mural.

"It gives us a great canvas. It's on the highway. It's in a high pedestrian area. It's across from the park and it just seemed like the logical place to start," Brown said.

The mural will be painted by local artist Jennifer Bock Nelson.

Although it looks like a photograph, it is actually a painting depicting the lights of a busy city.

Travis Brown hopes that the work on the mural will start in about 4 weeks weather permitting.