New hours at the YMCA means no more excuses

Floor cleaners might have been the only noise your heard during the overnight hours at the Quincy YMCA , but not this week.

"Somebody like me that lives 45 minutes away in Carthage, we can come at any time of the day that feels good for us or works out wells for us," Cole Krieg said.

The Y is holding a trial run to see how many people will take advantage of a 24 hour access.

"I can get up early get my work out in early in the morning here and then make it to work on time and that works really great for my schedule," Krieg said.

Krieg is a new YMCA member and works at Titan International in Quincy.

"Evening is packed, it can get busy in the morning so the 24 hour works out well to in the sense that you can get easier access to machines," he said.

"We have people that work different shifts," Quincy YMCA Marketing Director Michelle Terwelp said. "Our nurses, factories all get off work at different times so we want to be able to attract everyone in the community."

The Y is also looking into on-demand group fitness classes for members to take during the overnight hours.

"It's kind of like an online thing when a member can go in and select the class they want to take and an instructor will show up on a screen and teach them a class," Terwelp said.

Extending the Y's hours and the potential on demand classes is about more than just satisfying current members. It's about attracting new ones.

"We were looking for new opportunities to attract new members," Terwelp said. "New members of all different types. We wanted to be open to the entire community and invite everyone into our doors."

The most popular hour during the overnights was 2 a.m. YMCA officials say their impressed with the trial turnout.

"We did set a goal for ourselves," Terwelp said. "We were kind of aiming for an average of 50 per evening. We have exceeded that the last two nights and we're hoping to see it again the next two nights."

Krieg hopes those numbers make the trial permanent.

"It's just the way the world is now," he said. "It's 24/7 all year long."

The 24 hour trial ends Thursday.

YMCA officials will meet next week to talk about extending the hours or making the around the clock availability permanent.

You can take a tour of the Quincy YMCA by, clicking here .