New Facebook page for lost pets

You've heard about the benefits of using Facebook and other social media to communicate.

Now the area is turning to the tool to help area families locate missing and lost pets.

The page is called, "Lost and found pets of Adams County."

KHQA's Rajah Maples spoke with one family who's hoping the page will help bring home their best friend.

Max Musolino has been missing since last week's snow storm. When strong winds blew open the family's privacy fence near 18th Street between Adams & Jackson in Quincy, Max ran away and hasn't returned home.

Max's owner Jim Musolino said, "We've been trying to find Max and haven't had any luck."

Max's picture is the latest posting on Lost and found pets of Adams County Facebook page. The page was created last fall when a visiting family's pet went missing in Quincy around the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Quincy Humane Society Executive Director Sally Westerhoff said, "after Tiger had been recovered, we realized what a great tool Facebook had been in helping us keep track of sightings of the dog."

Max is a Whippet weighing 60 pounds. The family is concerned his lack of hair could put him in danger during the cold temperatures.

Max's owners ask if that if you see a black dog running fast, yell "Max."

If he notices you, it's him.

Max's owners say he may bark at you at first, but if you keep using his name, especially if you're female, he'll probably come to you.