New dock coming to the Art Keller Marina

The Quincy Park District plans to make some much needed upgrades to two docks at the Art Keller Marina.

Docks E & F at the marina date back to the 60's and are too small to fit the needs of the much larger boats that people use today.

It's also much harder to put in boat lifts with these docks.

Park District Executive Director Ed Seger says that the maintenance cost for both docks was around $80,000 a year.

So the board decided to update and improve the docks instead.

Seger says, " The plan was developed to replace both those docks with a single dock that fits the size most needed in the marina. They will be 10x25 foot slips. And then we also have the ability to make it ADA accessible with a ramp system going down dock."

Seger says the park district is taking bids for the project now.

Bid openings are at the end of April with the bid approval scheduled for the May park board meeting.

If all goes as planned Seger hopes to see the work completed in the early fall.