New developments for Quincy's Kroc Center

Updated: Saturday, September 17, 2011 , The Salvation Army's Kroc Center will officially open its doors to the public on Sunday.

You're invited to a ribbon cutting ceremony at 2 p.m. following an open house until 6 p.m.

The Kroc Center is located at 5th and Vermont Street in Quincy.


The Salvation Army's Kroc Center is nearing completion.

It's set to open September 18th.

When the doors open, staff at the Kroc Center would like to have a lot of members already signed up and ready to go.

Memberships go on sale next Tuesday, but prices were unveiled today.

They range from $336 per year for an individual to $600 per year for a family.

As crews put the finishing touches on the Kroc Center, the Salvation Army opened the doors once again for the media to check out.


Welcome to the Kroc Center. Construction crews are working hard to get things ready to go by the September 18th opening. Staff of the Salvation Army is hard at work making sure everyone feels welcome.

Major Dan Jennings says, "We want people to be able to use the Kroc Center. One of our real goals is to be inclusive. To do that, people need to afford to come. We wanted to make sure the prices were affordable, that people could buy a family membership or personal membership and be a part."

You can buy a membership on an annual or monthly basis. Also, the prices were set to stay, this isn't just a one year special. There will be some activities that will cost extra, for example the rock climbing wall. It's important to note that the Kroc Center is open to everyone. There's a worship center, multi purpose rooms and a food court. But to use all of the Kroc Center, you have to buy a membership.

Major Jennings says, "Workout facility is one thing we do, and we think we do it well. But we also have an incredible aquatic center, and an incredible performing arts center, education, lots of extras that are a part of the Kroc Center that aren't a part of other athletic facilities in town."

And state of the art may be an understatement. There is all kinds of technology integrated in everything from pool filtration system to the exercise equipment.

Chad Rodgers says, "The importance of integrating technology is something we need to do to capture all of the audiences in the Quincy community and the Tri-State area. It's something that this is the direction that the fitness equipment is going. It was very important that we have a wow factor in every aspect of our facility."

Some of the exercise equipment will have a virtual reality aspect to it. You can run on a treadmill and a screen in front of you will show just about anything in the world, from the Mayan ruins to jogging up Broadway.

Rodgers adds, "So let's say you wanted a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon. You will be able to see yourself on a screen, riverside or on the level of the Grand Canyon where you can hear the ambient sounds of the birds chipring, the river rushing by. You'll be able to hear these things with your headphones."

And the technology doesn't stop with the exercise equipment, here I am in the bathroom and check this out, state of the art hand dryers.

And look at this, a water bottle filling station in the locker room area allows two people to fill water bottle so they don't take time at a water fountain. And this counter shows how many water bottles your saving from landfills by refilling a bottle you already have.

There are a lot of environmental aspects built into the Kroc Center.

It makes it a LEED certified building.

You can learn more about LEED certification by clicking here.

Also, check out an interview we did with an employee of the Kroc Center and see their thoughts on moving into the new building.

If you're interested in a membership, you can contact the Quincy Salvation Army, or stop in at their temporary headquarters at Seventh and Hampshire beginning next Tuesday.



KROC Center memberships before the opening will go on sale to the public beginning Tuesday, August 2 and will be available until Friday, September 16.

In a press release, The Salvation Army released the membership rates.

Gold and Silver Level Charter memberships are available with rates for adult individuals starting at $336 per year. Charter Family memberships will start at $600 per year.

The Charter Gold memberships feature two months free for the price of a regular membership, while providing discounts and special access to select bonus classes and events, as well as a free personal training assessment. Special rates are also offered for teens, youth, and Golden Agers (adults age 62 and over).

There are no registration/initiation fees of any kind for Kroc Center memberships. All memberships are for one year, and fees may be paid up front by cash, check or charge and monthly payments via MasterCard or Visa credit cards.

If you're a member, you will have access to the Cardio/Fitness Area, Weight Room, Walk/Run Track, Aquatics Center, Gymnasium and Locker Rooms. Charter Members will enjoy the added benefits of free select fitness classes, and discounts on roster fitness classes and other Kroc programs.

Visit The Salvation Army office at 732 Hampshire Street Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to obtain your membership. Regular yearly membership sales will begin on Monday, September 19, during the week of the Kroc Center Grand Opening.

For additional information regarding memberships and membership sales, contact Angie Duerr at (855) 872-5762