New details in Turtle Lake evictions

The owner of land in the Quincy bottoms said she is through being in the real estate business.

Last week, several residents off Turtle Lake Road complained that they were given short notice to vacate land they'd leased for decades.

Some complained that they would have to be out of their homes shortly before Christmas.

Landowner Cleatis Langan, 87, of Clayton said Monday that some of the residents will be required to leave by the month's end, but that's because their leases expired. Some of the residents will be allowed to stay until their leases expire.

â??That's the way it is,â?? she said. â??I won't take any more rent. Some of them are due to be there until May and June. The ones who didn't pay their rent, and of course there's some of them, they're due to move out now.â??

The land that houses 19 mobile homes has been in the Langan family since the 1940s. Langan and her sister inherited the property from her father who only charged residents $75 a year to lease the land. They increased that price to $100 a year in 1995.

Langan said that her children and her sister's children have no interest in being landlords. She also said that there are currently no plans to sell the property.

â??We're going to let it be land and farm it,â?? she said. â??My grandson is farming it. The upcoming generation didn't want (to rent the land for mobile homes) in the first place. That's the reason I'm doing it.â??

Last week, KHQA brought you the story of Carolyn Dunivin who said that she had 30 days to leave the property.

"I even told the lady's grandson that it can't be moved and he come out and told me that I better find me a good mover because it has to be moved,â?? Dunivin said. â??And I can not move my house. And I have nowhere to go. So I guess I just got to walk away from my house.â??