New concern over how parents use retail-based clinics

The American Academy of Pediatrics is speaking out against retail-based clinics.

"The purpose of a retail clinic is to take care of a minor illness," Dr. Dennis Go with Quincy Medical Group Pediatrics said.

In a study, the American Academy of Pediatrics spoke out against retail based clinics or RBCs.

Medical organizations like Quincy Medical Group are concerned that parents are using RBCs as a source for primary care.

Dr. Dennis Go says the relationship between a doctor and patient is special as well as important.

"If I am well acquainted with a patient then I know that, even know, maybe seeing them for a sore throat, there may be some other problems also either to address or also address with the parents," Dr. Go said.

The study also says the RBCs hinder care.

"The patient's medical record is with us and the other reason, if they go to a retail clinic, particularly if they go to several retail clinics, like, in a large metropolitan area, that just fragments care," Dr. Go said.

And could hurt the patient because medical staff do not know the patient's history.

However, he does say things are different here in Quincy.

"Most of them try to do that, at least in the smaller towns like this, but still it's difficult because, like I said, they can fax something on paper to me, but we use an electronic chart

so it is hard to integrate it," Dr. Go said.

He also recognizes there is a benefit.

"The main benefit to the parent, and I can understand this, is that if their child needs to have something done, right now, they may be able to get it done faster at a retail clinic," Dr. Go said.

And it costs less, too.

KHQA contacted Hannibal Regional Medical Group and Blessing Hospital, who both have retail based clinics, but they declined to talk on camera.

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