3rd Wave Coffee comes to Quincy


The finishing touches are being put on a new business in Quincy.

According to The District, there have been about five new businesses open their doors this year.

The newest one opens Saturday morning at 7:00.

Work and cleaning continued throughout the afternoon to get Electric Fountain Brewing ready for its first day of business. Owner Ryan Christian calls it a coffee bar and roastery.

"We have a lot of bars here in Quincy, and so this is the Italian type thing where you come in, sit at the bar, and we'll serve you the drink." says Christian.

The main focus of Electric Fountain Brewing is the different styles of brewing and using different machines to do it.

"We have our own roaster in house, so we roast all of coffee here. I work with small farms. We get green beans in here...they send them to me, and I roast them here in house." says Christian.

Opening a coffee house has been a dream and passion for Christian for a long time. He was adamant about opening in the District because he loves the energy of the downtown. His goal is to make this a place for everybody.

"Even the younger kids to come here and study or hang out. We also have a stage as well." says Christian.

Christian is also a local musician who he got his start in a local coffee house, and now wants to return the favor by showcasing local talent. As for the coffee, Christian says the menu will likely change with the seasons, and the even if you're not a coffee snob, you will likely notice a difference in this coffee.

"The reason I leave it in beans is because they stay fresh longer. When you grind it, you get a fresher taste, a better, richer cup, a fuller cup." says Christian.

Christian says this style is called 3rd Wave coffee. He says it's getting really popular on the west coast, and he's trying to get to the forefront. The forefront opens in this storefront Saturday morning at 7:00.

Electric Fountain Brewing is on Sixth Street near the intersection of Maine.

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