New businesses coming to downtown Quincy

If you like to shop the Historic Quincy Business District, there are some new additions to look for.In the next few weeks three vacant buildings will be filled.

A bakery, photography studio and a Cape Air ticket counter will fill vacancies downtownLocal business owners hope that the new Cape Air ticket counter will make shoppers fly into the downtown area.

Geri Lynn Malone the owner Premier says,"We welcome Cape Air, I think they're going to be a great fit. We look forward to working with them and next to them, and hope that we can all share customers"

Cape Air is just one of three business opening in downtown Quincy in the next few weeks.

Joy Behost, owner of Domestics Etc. says, "it's great to have new businesses downtown and it doesn't really matter if they're in the food industry or retail. We just welcome any new businesses that want to start up downtown. The more traffic there is then the more awareness that makes to all the other businesses that are here. Whether you're walking by because you're going to a restaurant or you're driving by in your car and you're going to by tickets."

Small business owners who have been successful in the long term agree that small businesses fill a niche that larger stores cannot.

Linda Simons, the owner of the Silhouette Shoppe says, "I think people who have a specific need. I think the small business is where they look first because they can usually find a variety of a little different stuff, A little bit more unique than the department stores stuff"

Patrons of the Downtown area can look forward to a special event next Saturday.The Small Business Saturday will feature holiday shopping on the local business level.