New Batman movie cars pass through Tri-States

Pieces of Hollywood passed through Quincy Wednesday.

Quincy truck driver Terry Woodcock stopped to get some tires Wednesday during his cross country trip to haul three vehicle props to a undisclosed movie set location.

Woodcock says he can't tell us what movie these vehicles are from, but we've seen these vehicles known as "tan tumblers" from sets of the newest batman movie Dark Knight rising on Youtube! Click here to see the YouTube videos of it.

Woodcock got into the movie business by first driving monster trucks and then stunt driving. He also builds cars for movies.

In fact he did six of the cars for the latest Fast and Furious Movie.

Woodcock said, "Every car that you see whether it does a straight burn out or a wheelie, is built for that shot. You could destroy eight cars trying to get that shot. I guess that's job security for you! It is! I spent 25 years wrecking stuff. It's perfect for me."

The Dark Knight Rising is set to hit theatres next summer.