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      NEMO Sheltered Workshop in crisis mode

      It's a refuge for the mentally and physically handicapped in Marion County, Mo.

      The Northeast Missouri Sheltered Workshop provides employment for people with mental and physical disabilities. The workshop staffs about 45 people at a time.

      "I like working. It gets me out of the house. Gives me an extra bit of money," Tina Evans, an employee, said.

      "They take me around in a truck and pick up cardboard," James Hansen, another employee said.

      Recently, the workshop has run into its own struggles and is asking for your help.

      Prices for its most common recyclable plummeted by 65 percent. Due to that drop in cardboard prices, the Sheltered Workshop is desperately asking for the community's help in donating items with a higher value.

      "We want to ask the public if they will, please, to help us out in this particular time and donate plastics, clothing and shoes," John Yancy, the Board of Trustees director, said. "We'll get by but we could get by a little nicer."

      It's important to know what can be recycled before you drop off your items.

      "Some people take advantage of the darkness of night and bring things that aren't necessarily recyclable. And we wind up having to pay the people a fairly large sum of money to haul them to the dump," Yancy said.

      That $300 trip to the dump is no small fee for the non-profit. It's the mission of the workers here to put less in the landfill.

      "It helps to me know that I'm actually helping out Hannibal. And I'm really grateful for this job," Brittany Threlkeld, an employee, said.

      If you have any plastics, clothing or shoes to donate to the Sheltered Workshop, you can drop them off any time of day, but note the workshop does not accept electronics.

      The main drop off sites in Hannibal are located at the recycling center at 659 Clinic Rd. and at 8th St. and Warren Barret Dr.

      Drop off boxes are also located in Perry, Center, New London and Palmyra, Missouri.