NECAC funds running low thanks to harsh winter weather

The recent dip in temperatures caused everyone to turn up the heat and that's presented a challenge to one organization in Northeast Missouri.

This winter has been harsh so far, and North East Community Action Corporation says people are feeling it ... in their wallets.

"Seen a lot more larger bills, uh, and a lot more people very concerned or worried because they may have had some of the money but now with these large bills they are not able to do it so they are coming in with a disconnect," Judy Eaton, a NECAC coordinator said.

NECAC says they have used about 85 percent of the more than $900,000 given to them by the state of Missouri.

They also say if you are currently disconnected or have received a notice you need to come in soon.

"Process them first come, first serve when the money is running low, just like now, it's literally like one application at a time and when they're out of money, that's it," Eaton said.

The emergency fund is shared by 11 other counties in northeast Missouri.

"You don't, they don't keep it separated like Saint Charles doesn't get so much and Lewis so much ... it's all one pot of money and everybody's just pulling out of it," Eaton explained.

Some counties get to dip a little more than others.

"There will be 300 apps come in from Saint Charles and only five from Lewis let's just say in one day," Eaton said.

She says the fund could last a little longer if families practice a few energy saving tips.

"Keeping their thermostat down ... turning it down at night or if they are going to be gone," she explained.

She says those tips can save families a lot of money and help them in the future.

The emergency fund will start up again in April.