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      NCAA says Paterno family lawsuit 'ignores reality'

      Joe Paterno, right, pictured with Jerry Sandusky. Paterno's surviving family seeks to have a $60 million fine and sanctions against Penn State University overturned.

      JOE MANDAK, Associated Press

      PITTSBURGH (AP) â?? Attorneys for the NCAA say a lawsuit by the family of the late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno that seeks to overturn a $60 million fine and other university sanctions stemming from the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal is an attempt to "rewrite history" that "ignores reality."

      The NCAA's 64-page response filed Tuesday in Centre County argues that the university willingly agreed to sanctions including a temporary postseason ban and scholarship reductions after Sandusky was convicted of abusing boys, including some on campus football facilities, during Paterno's tenure.

      Paterno's family has argued that Penn State was wrongly forced by the NCAA to accept the penalties which, in turn, defamed Paterno's memory. The NCAA also voided 112 wins from Paterno's tenure, meaning he's no longer recognized as the NCAA's winningest Division I coach.

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