National restaurant chain not interested in Quincy

A national restaurant chain that expressed interest in locating at the former Johnny Bang Bang's building on Quincy's Front Street will not locate in that site.

Building owner Duane Venvertloh said Tuesday that the company's decision was due to the Quincy City Council's inability to pass an ordinance creating a four-way stop at the Front and Hampshire intersection.

â??The company's decision was primarily based on the city's inability to make small, yet demonstrative improvements in the development of its riverfront area infrastructure,â?? Venvertloh said. â??It is unfortunate that, as a community, we could not satisfy this particular chain's requirements, however, we will continue to search for the best use of the property.â??

The company still is interested in the Quincy market but is instead turning its sights toward Hannibal or even West Quincy as possible alternatives.

The city gave tentative approval to converting the intersection into a four-way stop at its previous meeting, but it tabled a vote until 45 days before the restaurant would open. In his email statement, "In order to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, the company wanted decisive action, not just a motion to consider it at a later date," Venvertloh added.

Tuesday's announcement surprised Seventh Ward Alderman and traffic commission member Terri Heinecke.

â??I guess now I'm a little confused,â?? Heineke said. â??Our proposal said we would change the intersection 45 days before the business was open, we were going to give them enough time to put the stop in. The traffic commission and the council agreed that would give them ample time to get parking rearranged here.â??

Seventh Ward Alderman Jack Holtschlag also expressed his displeasure at this turn of events.

"I am really disappointed because I work hard for the downtown and riverfront. With Mr. Venvertloh bringing in franchises. I know Dwayne, he's a reputable guy and it's just bad for Quincy," he said.