Many people have different ways to get their workouts in. But what if you could work out and relax at the same time.

Yoga has been a huge craze recently, but it actually dates back thousands of years.

"We adjust and make modifications for everyone. There's yoga in the chair, there's yoga even if you're elderly, if you're a child there's kids yoga. We can make modifications for anybody," Mahala Grant-Grierson said.

There are several health benefits to yoga ... It even helps with the digestive system.

"Yoga kind of gets things moving around. We do a lot of twisting and turning, literally, so it's moving your guts," Mihala Grant-Grierson said.

It's also about meditation -- being calm, quiet, and relaxed.

"Throughout the day, my head is going at 100 miles per hour. But for that hour, I can just be quiet, and just give to myself," Grant-Grierson said.

The Quincy Park District is trying to get more people involved in yoga by offering yoga in the park Saturday mornings. Don't worry, though, it's for beginners.

"I really believe that everybody can do yoga. So if you see this crazy headstand that we're doing, that's not something we would make you do. I promise if you come to yoga on a Saturday we will not make you stand on your head," Grant-Grierson admitted.

Unless you want to ...

Yoga in the Park will be at South Park every Saturday through mid-November.